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Grippy Socks Must Be Worn By Kids. Adults Must Wear Normal Socks. No External Food Or Drinks.

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Planet Mino House Policy

By purchasing an entry ticket, you agree to the following rules:

1. Play Passes are time-sensitive. Your receipt denotes your exit time, and are required to be shown at reception upon exiting. Do not lose your ticket.

a. If you overstay your exit time, you will be required to pay for additional play time upon exiting. Play Passes are only sold in one-hour increments. We do not offer partial-hour Play Passes.
b. If you lose your entry ticket, you will be required to purchase an Unlimited Pass upon exiting.
c. Play Passes include any time used for bathroom, nappy changing, and eating in our cafe. All time spent inside Planet Mino must be accounted for in your purchased play time.
d. One child entry includes one adult entry. Additional adults will need to purchase an Adult Pass.
e. All Passes (including Unlimited Passes) are one-entry only, and expire upon exiting.

2. Planet Mino is not liable for any injury inside our centre, on our equipment, or using any of our toys.

a. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to supervise children at all times. We encourage you to put away your phones and immerse yourselves in pure play with your children.
b. Planet Mino does not accept responsibility for incorrect usage of our equipment. You are responsible for your safety on our equipment. Please follow the directions on our signs.
c. Our equipment is designed for all ages. As to promote family fun, we do not restrict any areas on our playground. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.
d. Planet Mino does not accept responsibility to mediate guest interactions.

3. Children must wear anti-slip socks at all times

These socks are for safety purposes.
a. You are welcome to bring your own anti-slip socks. Children’s socks must have rubber grip on the soles in order to be accepted as appropriate safety wear.
b. If you do not have anti-slip socks for children entering Planet Mino, you will be required to purchase a pair from reception.
c. Due to workplace safety legislation, staff members are required to wear indoor shoes.

4. Adults must remove shoes upon entry. Socks must be worn for hygiene purposes.

a. Planet Mino does not allow bare feet inside.
b. If you do not bring your own socks, you will be required to purchase a pair from reception.
c. If you do not remove your shoes or wear socks, you will be asked to leave.

5. As a safety precaution, Planet Mino does not allow outside food.

Planet Mino is extremely allergy aware, and completely NUT FREE. Food allergies can be life threatening, especially for young children.
a. If you bring food into our centre, you will be asked to throw it away.
b. Nut free baby food (puree and first solid food) is allowed.

6. Be mindful of other children and families in the centre. If you or your children are causing a disruption to other visitors, you may be asked to leave with no refund issued. Bullying, offensive language, rough play or intentional causing of damage to the premises by any person will not be tolerated.

7. You will be liable for costs associated with any damage you or your children incur to our play centre.

8. Please adhere to signage around the centre.

a. Intended capacity, age guides, and general rules are provided around the centre.

9. At Planet Mino, we pride ourselves on our clean and hygienic environments. Please notify us immediately if an area requires cleaning or sanitizing.

10. For the safety of others, you agree not to enter into the centre if you are under any influence of alcohol, drugs or are suffering from any form of infectious disease.

a. In the event that you or any customers who are in your care and custodian is ill, noxious or suffering from any form of injury (regardless of the extent of illness or injury), you agree to notify us and subsequently leave the centre immediately.

11. Planet Mino reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms at any time.