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Some of a child’s happiest memories involve special occasions like their birthdays. When searching for “kids party venues Sydney,” you want to find the best venue for your child’s birthday and for your family. We hope this guide helps you choose the right setting for your special day. 

With so many kids birthday party venues to choose from, take a moment to think about your child’s personality, interests, and preferences. When you start googling or talking with other parents about party ideas for kids, you may feel overwhelmed with choices.  

Popular Kids Birthday Party Venue Options 

Having a Party at Home  

Many families choose to have birthday parties at home. By saving money on the venue, they can splash out on decorations, activities, or entertainment. A home party can be an excellent choice for many children. Simply decorate, serve some of your child’s favourite foods and arrange entertaining activities like face painting or party games. 

However, some families find a change of scenery makes the party feel more like a special occasion. Other parents choose to book an outside party venue because they don’t want to spend hours decorating and cleaning up after guests.  

Public Parks 

A favourite park or playground may be a great setting for a kids birthday party. Many parks are free or have inexpensive barbecues or picnic shelters to rent.  

With outdoor party venues, you are always at mercy to the whims of the weather. Depending on the time of the year, this is not ideal. The other downside of using a public park as a party venue is there are more limitations. For example, if you want to set up a jumping castle, some parks allow it and others may not. Parks often have strict guidelines about food, entertainment, guest size or decorations.  

Community Hall and General Purpose Rental Spaces 

Community halls and similar venues are designed for flexibility. Throughout the year, people hold weddings, club meetings, and retirement parties at community halls. The prices are usually reasonable and many venues have full kitchen facilities. Local party entertainers often know how to find the venue which is helpful if you are hiring kid’s entertainers like princesses, clowns, face painters, or magicians. 

However, these venues are not designed for children’s parties. Parents or party planners will need to book child-friendly activities, supervise to ensure safety, and decorate the space to make it appeal to children. Some community centres also require the renter thoroughly clean the premises.   

Other Entertainment Venues  

More and more, entertainment venues like bowling alleys, laser tag, climbing walls, art studios, putt putt golf, and skating rinks are popular birthday party venues. The venue provides a festive atmosphere and a fun activity. Parents do not have to worry about clean-up and since many of these venues are indoors there is no risk of the weather getting in the way. 

The main downsides of having your child’s party at an entertainment venue are cost and flexibility. Since they are public venues, you may be sharing a small party with strangers. Most venues have a minimum size or cost for the exclusive use of the facilities. Also sometimes parking is a challenge if your entertainment venue is in the city centre. 

Planet Mino Indoor Play Centre 

A child-friendly venue like  Planer Mino is another option that combines the strengths of a traditional entertainment venue with the strengths of a community hall. Planet Mino is both child and family-friendly. Every detail from the furniture to the decor to the play areas are designed for a child’s safety and enjoyment.  

Parents love hanging out with adult friends and children, knowing the kids are safely having a blast. Best of all, parents can relax knowing they won’t have to clean up afterwards. Even the most fickle child (and their siblings) have fun with so many activities to choose from. 

Benefits of using Planet Mino 

  • You don’t need to decorate or set up your own house for the party 
  • Your guests enjoy a safe environment designed for kids including the option of exclusive use of a party room. 
  • Planet Mino has a wide variety of kids activities including an interactive augmented reality wall, ball pits, a space exploration area, rope climbing tower, volcano slide, bouncy castle, and giant Lego building area. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the weather as we have plenty of indoor kid activities as well as a covered patio.  
  • Siblings can enjoy playing too. 
  • Our cafe offers a range of party foods that kids love. 
  • Best of all, you don’t have to clean up after the guests go home! 

If you live in or near Sydney and are looking for a memorable way to celebrate your child and their special day consider booking Planet Mino