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The winter season may have settled in, but the cooler temperatures and rain don’t have to mean a season full of boredom for the kids. Find an indoor play centre in Sydney that sparks imagination, offers social interaction, and allows physical activity at Planet Mino. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why Planet Mino is the perfect winter play idea for kids and just as rewarding for parents.

Enjoy Playtime Out of the Weather

It may be too rainy and cool outside to allow little ones to spend much time playing outdoors. However, our indoor play area is an ideal place to be. Your kids get to enjoy an environment that is always warm, cosy and dry. We make sure our facility is always comfortable and inviting.

Ensure Kids Get Enough Physical Activity

Physical activity is always important for children. It can be hard to get that much-needed exercise in when kids have to stay indoors. Kids of all ages get the opportunity to get moving at our indoor play centre. At Planet Mino children can:

  • Work their muscles by climbing on certain play equipment
  • Keep their arms moving by throwing balls in the ball pit or virtual playground
  • Use their full body to build structures from big, lego-like construction blocks
  • Get their heart rate up and blood circulating in the jumping castle

Best Play Equipment for Kids You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Where else can you find things like a ball pit sea, volcano slide, and a princess dome? Planet Mino offers a full line-up of unique play areas that can be fun for all kids. We even offer a baby play zone that is specifically designed for children up to 12 months old. We want every child to feel welcome in the play area and find something enjoyable to do.

Reap the Advantages of Unstructured Play

Challenging a child’s imagination through unstructured play is one of the best ways to encourage creativity. Our unstructured play areas keep kids active both physically and mentally. Children can take their pick of the different play areas and come up with their own games, role-playing ideas, and more. From creating imaginative structures with large lego blocks to playing make-believe as a princess, we make sure many activities encourage creative thoughts.

Encourage Social Interaction and Making New Friends

At Planet Mino, kids get the chance to meet new kids and make friends. Social interaction helps to build self-confidence for children, especially when in an environment created for fun. Plus, parents can interact with each other and may even make a few new friends themselves while children play together.

Enjoy the Best Indoor Playground in Sydney Where Safety Is Always First

Indoor playgrounds are meant to offer a safe place for kids to play, and that’s just what we intend to offer at Planet Mino. With lots of soft, padded surfaces, an enclosed environment, and controlled entry points, kids and adults can have a good time without worry. Children are also required to wear grippy socks in play areas, which can prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Grab Something to Eat at our On-Site Café

All that fun and playtime can really work up the appetite. Take a time out and get something to eat at Planet Mino’s cafe. The cafe is right in the same building as the play areas. You don’t have to bring along your own food, drinks, or snacks if you plan to spend the day. we make sure you have a full selection of menu items that can please even the pickiest eaters.

Enjoy a Day of Fun at Planet Mino

With so much play equipment to explore, Planet Mino is an awesome way to spend a fun-filled day with the kids. We can also help you have a memorable birthday party if you are looking for the right party venue. Reach out to us at Planet Mino in Sydney to get more information about our indoor play centre. We hope you stop by for a playday soon!