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You already know that Planet Mino is the ultimate children’s play centre, with two storeys of indoor playground space packed with traditional play favourites as well as next-generation fun.

We don’t just keep kids happy and engaged—we also strive to keep them safe and well. We go above and beyond to keep everyone on Planet Mino smiling! We take care of all the grown-up worries about safety and cleanliness so that everyonewho walks through our doors can focus on having the best time ever.

And so, for everyone’s safety and peace of mind, we’ve expanded our cleaning efforts. Planet Mino’s current cleaning standards are designed to meetand exceed the latest health guidelines, so everyone can focus on having fun.

There are two approaches that we use to ensure peace of mind when visiting us.

Public Guidelines and Screening

According to NSW government guidelines, each individual in a commercial location must have at least four square meters of space around them. At Planet Mino, we do better by doubling that space and giving each person eight square meters.

But aside from spacing, we have a three-step process to account for the health and safety of each customer.

Each customer must sign in when they enter. This can assist with potential contact tracing should that need arise.

Each person—customer or staff member—has their temperature taken upon arrival to help screen for flu-like symptoms.

Every person at Planet Mino is given hand sanitiser and required to use it regularly. Parents and kids must usethis upon arrival, but every person—customer and staff alike—must regularly use hand sanitiser to maintain cleanliness and prevent disease transmission.

Proactive Approach to Deep Cleaning

Aside from adhering to the guidelines listed above, Planet Mino takes a proactive attitude towards keeping our facilities clean, so that your kids can have the best possible experience.

First off, we hire professional cleaners to perform a deep clean of the entire premises four times per week. This maintains the cleanest possible baseline.

Of course, kids come into contact withlots of materials every day; consistent sanitisation is critical to keep everyone safe. Toys, tables, and the entire playground interior are sanitised daily with commercial-grade, food-safe sanitiser.

The ballpits are definitely another fan favourite. Because of this, we deep-clean the ballpits weekly to keep germs away. Balls are first washed, then sanitised, and then thoroughly dried before being returned to the pit.

Daily sanitisation goes on to include how we mop the floors daily with commercial-grade sanitiser, as well as all other highly-trafficked surfaces ranging from slides through soft surfaces like play mats.

Lastly, fresh air needs to be a priority as well. The centre is well-ventilated, with continuous circulation of fresh air from outside being brought in and passed through the entire building.

Cleaning isn’t the most fun subject to cover, but the fun comes after we assure that everyone can stay healthy and safe. Planet Mino is not just the most exciting play centre in Sydney, it’s also a place that you can count on to keep your kids’ daily experience positive and healthy.