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Play time is a crucial part of growing up – especially play time that introduces your little one to new environments and opportunities to learn! We’ve rounded up some of the ways play time at Planet Mino will help your little one develop social skills, encourage healthy physical growth, stimulate cognitive development, and more! 

Develop Social Skills  

Indoor play centres provide the perfect environment for strengthening your little one’s social skills outside the home. Our massive indoor playground is a great place to meet new friends and teach your little one how to play well with others. 

Unlike parks, our indoor play centre creates a safe, stimulating environment that fosters opportunity for kids to practice social skills. Our roleplay areas encourage interaction with others, which will help teach your little one important life skills like sharing and making new friends. We have tons of toys to help out! Some of our best play believe areas for making new friends include our ice cream truck, our kitchen area, and our lego table!  

Our massive playground also encourages your little one to play games with other kids, like hide-and-seek or tag! Our purpose-built play structure is designed for both kids and adults, making it easy for you to play with your little ones too. We always encourage adults to join in at Planet Mino! 

Our play centre is a great place to meet up with friends for a play date as well. Play time with friends in a different setting than home or school is great for making new memories and strengthening social skills. 

Planet Mino - Huge Ballpitt

Encourage Healthy Physical Growth  

Kids love our massive indoor playground because there is so much to do, and adults love it because it gives little ones a chance to get endless amounts of exercise in a safe environment. As your little ones grow up, it’s important to remember to keep kids active at every age! 

Our play equipment is both challenging and fun for little ones. From our climbing wall, to our jumping castle, and our multiple ball pits – we offer unlimited opportunities for kids to move, stretch, jump and climb!  

It’s important to give your little ones a chance to try new things and work muscles they don’t normally get to use. All our soft play structures are designed with safety in mind, so you can focus on having fun!  

We want everyone to have fun and get a chance to be active here at Planet Mino. That’s why our dedicated toddlers area is a fan favourite amoung our youngest visitors! Our toddlers area is reserved for little ones aged 0 to 2 years old, giving them a separate area to learn, play, and practise using their muscles! With their own ball pit, climbing structures, and baby toys – they get opportunities to develop just like the older kids do! 

Stimulate Cognitive Development  

At Planet Mino, we want our little guests to work the biggest muscle in the body… the brain! Our play centre stimulates the mind and creates opportunities for kids to practise creativity, imagination, and problem-solving all while having fun! 

Our two-story playground might just look like a playground to adults, but for your little ones, it’s a whole new world of fun! It could be an enormous space station! Or a massive jungle! Or even a giant castle! The opportunities for imagination are endless at Planet Mino. No more boring afternoons in the living room! 

The Planet Mino AR wall is perfect for practising hand-eye coordination and interactive problem-solving. You can slay zombies, build sandwiches, and catch frogs all from our ball pit! Not to mention how much fun it is for adults too! Give it a try next time! 

Planet Mino - Kids Ballpitt

Convenient For Parents  

There are so many reasons your little one will love Planet Mino, but we want to make sure you’re going to love it too! Our air conditioned play centre is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Sydney indoors. No matter what the weather is, you can count on a fun time at Planet Mino. 

Our in-house cafe is right next to our playground, making it easy for you to grab a coffee with friends during the perfect play date. The Mino Cafe serves snacks, drinks, and full meals! No matter what your day looks like, Planet Mino makes it easy to fit in time for fun. 

Fun Kids Birthday Parties in Sydney

Not only are we the perfect place for everyday play time, but we host epic birthday parties too! Our customisable packages make party planning easy. Plus, when you speak to our friendly staff about planning your Planet Mino party, your little one gets to roam around the playground while you work out the details with us! Then we take care of the rest! It couldn’t be easier.  

All Planet Mino birthday party packages include free play for all your guests, exclusive use of your very own Party Room for celebrations, a Party Host to help you out, your choice of a kids meal, and more! We recommend booking your party at least 8 weeks in advance. Get in touch today!