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These days it’s getting harder and harder to build dedicated playtime into our busy schedules. Kids often spend much of the day watching television or playing on the iPad. It’s important to get kids out of the house to stimulate their imagination, encourage physical activity, and build social skills. Indoor play centres in Sydney are a great way to do so. Read on for all the top benefits of bringing kids to play at an indoor playground, and why Planet Mino is the best indoor playground in Sydney! 

1. Experience Play Time Like Nowhere Else Variety of Play Structures Will Keep Kids Entertained

Indoor playgrounds are a whole new world of play for kids! Switching up your normal play time helps keep kids engaged. No more boredom at home playing with the same toys over and over. Incorporating regular visits to Planet Mino is a great way to keep playtime fresh. Kids will be more active, engaged, and excited to learn and play.  Plus, a trip to Planet Mino can be used to celebrate a special occasion, an accomplishment, or important family time. We even have a dedicated toddler’s area so the whole family can have fun together.  Variety of Play Structures Will Keep Kids Entertained Unlike play time at home or in the park, a big indoor play centre has tons to do. No matter what your child is interested in, they will never get bored. Planet Mino is the best kids’ indoor playground in Sydney with so many different types of play equipment including climbing structures, ball pits, slides, climbing wall, rope canopy, volcano slide, and much more! 

2. Unstructured Kids Play Strengthens Cognitive Skills 

There are not many opportunities in day-to-day life when kids are able to play without restrictions. Our soft play centre is the perfect place to let your kids run free and make new memories.  Unstructured kids play at indoor playgrounds provides your little ones with mental and physical stimulation in a safe environment. The variety of play areas challenges kids to practice creativity, imagination, and exploration – which is helpful for long-term cognitive skills and brain development. 

Ensure Kids Get Enough Physical Activity

3. Ensure Kids Get Enough Physical Activity 

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your kids getting physical activity. It is crucial for young kids to get a minimum level of activity every week for growth and development. Indoor playgrounds provide opportunity for physical activity, even in the rain or extreme heat. Our air-conditioned facility keeps you cool even on the hottest days.  Our massive indoor playground has a variety of physical challenges to keep kids active during play time. Plus, our interactive game wall is a great way to keep kids engaged and excited to move around. Fight zombies, catch frogs, or attack aliens – all from the Planet Mino ball pit! 

4. Interacting with Other Kids Develops Social Skills 

It is best to continually introduce your little ones to other kids throughout their development. Making new friends and learning how to play with others is an important part of growing up. Our toy play area downstairs offers the perfect environment for young kids to communicate with each other, learn how to share, solve problems, and play games together.  Planet Mino is also a great place to host get-togethers with family, friends, or classmates. Our play areas offer tons of opportunities to get involved with the kids, like playing tag in the playground or hosting a tea party in our kitchen roleplay area. The Planet Mino cafe is also a great place for grown-ups to chat over coffee while the kids get to expend their energy in our playground. Planet Mino is the perfect place for play dates! 

5. Our Safe Environment Allows You to Focus on Having Fun 

Our purpose-built equipment was designed with safety in mind. All our soft play features are great for running around and having fun safely. Our big indoor playground is right next to our cafe seating area, so you can enjoy a coffee or meal while keeping an eye on your little one. We make it easy for you to enjoy play time, and relax knowing your little one is safe.   All the play equipment at Planet Mino is kid-friendly and well-maintained. We take health and safety seriously at Planet Mino, so we clean all our surfaces throughout the day. You just focus on having fun! 

Bonus: An Indoor Playground is a Great Kids Party Venue 

  • The fun doesn’t stop there! Indoor play centres make great party venues too. Here are just a few reasons why you should host your next birthday party at an indoor playground:
  • A Planet Mino party will make your little one feel excited and special on their big day!
  • You don’t have to worry about bad weather ruining your birthday party plans.
  • The variety of play areas will keep all of your guests entertained.
  • Planet Mino’s private party rooms are perfect for birthday celebrations.
  • Booking is easy and convenient – just inquire online or speak with our friendly staff.
  • You don’t need to clean up after the party is over! 

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