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School’s out and it’s time to have some fun! When looking for activities in Sydney, try to plan activities that help your child grow and develop while making new memories. 

Now that you have plenty of time during the day with your kids, it’s important to plan holiday activities that are not only fun, but benefit your little ones development too. We put together some of the best reasons to choose Planet Mino when you’re looking for fun activities to do during school holidays in Sydney

Play Time in a Stimulating Environment

Spending every day at home or going to the same park over and over can get boring for your little ones! The WOW factor will soon fade, and your kids will become bored. A day at an indoor playground will fix that!  

Our kid friendly environment is perfect for keeping your little ones engaged and busy during the school holidays. At Planet Mino, we have tons of play areas to keep your kids entertained for hours. We have soft play obstacles, interactive games, roleplay areas, and tons of toys to have fun with! 

Keep Your Kids Healthy and Active

Without a structured schedule in place, it’s easy for kids to get a little lazy during the school holidays. But it’s important to remember to stay active! Give your kids the chance to run wild at Planet Mino, and they will easily get their 60 minutes of exercise for the day. Best of all, you’ll get to bring them home tired and ready for a nap. It’s a win-win!

Planet Mino - Hero Kids Fun

Weather Proof Plan

During autumn school holidays, chilly weather and wet days may keep you from getting active – and during summer school holidays, scorching hot days may do the same. At an air conditioned, climate controlled indoor playground, you never have to worry about the weather affecting your fun! Play time at Planet Mino is a weather-proof plan! 

Take a Break From the Screens

It can be easy to let your kids watch TV, use the iPad, or play video games for hours on end – especially during school holidays. We all know the importance of putting down the devices, but sometimes it’s hard to find alternatives.  

Indoor playgrounds provide plenty of opportunities for real-life play time! From our climbing wall, to our ball pits, and even our jumping castle – every kid will find something they love!  

Plus, you can use a trip to Planet Mino as a reward for good behavior over the school holidays. Lots of time at home might be hard for kids when they’re used to a more structured schedule. Next time your little one is feeling fussy, remind them that you can go for an afternoon play at Planet Mino if they behave nicely! 

Keep Your Kids Social

Playing with others is easy at school, but when school holidays come, it’s important to keep practising social skills. Our purpose-built play centre is designed to promote collaborative play! It’s easy to make new friends and play games on our soft play obstacles, or use our roleplay areas for creative play time! 

Meet up with your school friends for playdates, or meet new friends in the ball pit! Our two-story playground is fit for kids and adults, which makes family play time fun and easy too. Everyone can have some fun! At Planet Mino, we make it easy to have fun with old friends, new friends, and best friends! 

Educational Play

School isn’t the only place for learning… and learning doesn’t have to be obvious either! Planet Mino is the perfect place to teach kids important cognitive skills like imagination, creativity, problem-solving, sharing, self control, focus, and overcoming challenges.  

These real world skills are important to practise, especially when you can introduce your little one to an environment they are less familiar with. Planet Mino is great for having fun, making new memories, and pracising important life skills all at the same time! And school holidays are the perfect time to practise!  

Convenient Cafe

Our in-house cafe is right next to our playground, making it easy for you to grab a coffee with friends during the perfect play date. The Mino Cafe serves snacks, drinks, and full meals!  

Whether it’s morning, noon, or evening, we have everything you need for a day out at Planet Mino. Plus, we have free Wi-Fi for you to use while you relax at the cafe! 

Unlimited Play

Don’t want play time to end? It doesn’t have to! Our Unlimited Passes give you endless fun at Planet Mino. We’re open from 9am to 5pm every day during school holidays, which means you can fit in 8 hours of play time if you want to! Get the most out of your school holidays, and opt for an Unlimited Pass for an unforgettable day out! 

Other School Holiday Ideas

There’s always more fun to be had at Planet Mino, but here are some of our other favorite places for family fun during the school holidays: 

  • Powerhouse Museum 
  • Maritime Museum
  • Sydney Olympic Park
  • Taronga Zoo 
  • Sea Life Sydney Aquarium 
  • Wild Life Sydney Zoo 
  • National Parks  

Don’t let the days slip away! Make some new memories with your family during the school holidays. Hope to see you soon here at Planet Mino!